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WizdomHouse Books... It's a labor of love, and a continuous culmination of years of service, obedience, meditation, trial, error, repentance, forgiveness, and growth. We are OVERJOYED at the fruit that Christ has given us, and we are eager to team up with YOU and serve this generation by the will of God. However, books are not the only thing we do!


We give our books away for FREE as PDF's. We also give out FREE physical copies at our assembly meetings. We also give our books away to other pastors that request them to give FREELY to the disciples of Christ and to lost sheep in need of God's help.

If you would like to donate to our ministry, please click one of these links:

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Real Life Ministry

We would love to connect with you and serve God together in real life. You can come to us... or we can come to you! Click here for more information:

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