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Anointing of Motherhood: Fast, Pray and Study about Caring for God’s Precious Little Ones 
by Shereena Monique Osai (Lily) 


What if being a mother is one of our highest callings? An employer can have dozens, hundreds or thousands of employees, yet your children only get one mother. This book is a guide to help encourage you to be the greatest mother you can be, while calling on Yah to give you strength, courage, and joy. It is a 40 day journey that will help you be strong as you face the various challenges of motherhood, with a sharp focus on seeing your calling through scripture. You are anointed by God to love, teach, train, disciple, discipline and send out the children He has given you. YOU ARE! 


40 Day Devotional averaging 3 pages each day. Pray Out Loud after every chapter!

Anointing of Motherhood

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