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Father to the Fatherless: Your Heavenly Father Hears, Sees, and Cares
by Esosa Victor Osai

Abandoned. Alone. Abused. Distant. Unwanted. Unprotected. Molested. Lied to. Left in Poverty. Frozen in Drama... Our Father in Heaven will never leave us in these situations! 


Within the past few years, God has been sending me different people that needed healing from some of the deepest traumas imaginable. Fully grown adults - some older than me - that had suffered unspeakable things and kept them secret since childhood. None of these people even knew each other, but they kept saying that God told them to reach out to me, or that nobody else was able to help them with the pain. 


Why was God sending these people to me? My childhood was safe and loving, and I did not know this level of pain. 


Then God showed me that the suffering of His Son Jesus was the greatest suffering ever. Jesus experienced fatherlessness when He died on the tree for our sins. He was forsaken, and He did NOT deserve it. He then showed me that my suffering in His gospel had given me the keys to healing the hearts that had suffered the pains that come from different types of fatherlessness. 


If you read this book and follow the instruction steps at the end of each chapter, you will receive healing in your heart and strengthen your soul for the abundant life that has every good and perfect gift from your Father in Heaven! 


10 chapters average 11 pages each! Finish in 10 days!



Father to the Fatherless - ebook

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